Why should we vote for you?

Why should you vote for me:

As a graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power Program and a submarine veteran, I was immersed early in my career in a culture of disciplined, professional conduct.  Integrity and procedural compliance were deeply ingrained standards that have been reinforced through decades in the fields of nuclear operations and maintenance, with the understanding there also needs to be an allowance for a questioning attitude.  Follow your procedures and process but be willing to stop and ask Why if you don’t understand.

I would bring that same philosophy to serving as a City Council Member, promoting growth, development and diversification, while also acting as a voice of caution.  I have lived in the Puget Sound area on and off since the Mid 1980’s.  I have seen the results of rapid, unplanned growth, and I would rather not see that happen here. 

I have volunteered to serve the community in the past.  I served more than 2 terms on the Richland Code Enforcement Board(CEB), the last two as Chair of that board.  This gave me an opportunity to see how parts of the city government functioned and to experience what it was like to enforce someone else’s standards.  I took an oath when I joined the CEB to rule on the evidence presented and render judgments based on that evidence and the applicable sections of the Richland Municipal Code, and I did that in an unbiased manner.  Even if there were times I personally felt a judgment was inappropriate, I had been sworn in to serve on that board as a quasi-judicial function, NOT a legislative function, and that was an integrity issue to me.

I believe I can represent all of Richland.  City Council is supposed to be a non-partisan position, and as someone with no ties to either of our two major political parties,  I am about as non-partisan as can be.  I look at individual issues and vote for the candidate or ballot measure that reflects my opinions most closely.  Now, it is important to keep in mind that ‘non-partisan’ is not ‘Non-Political’.   As a City Council member, I vow to pursue what I believe is the best course of action for the future of the residents of Richland, while acknowledging it might not always make me everyone’s favorite person.